App to read, write and summarize quickly!

A collection of very useful apps to read, write and study more quickly through artificial intelligence algorithms and "text mining", that is the set of techniques that allow the automatic extraction of information from a corpus of text documents or web pages ( hypertext).
At an elementary level, these tools help to quickly obtain an overview of the content of a text or set of texts, or to extract the main keywords (keywords) and most salient phrases (keyphrases).
NelSesnso.Net tools are based on the principle of semantic reinforcement between salient phrases and keywords: a sentence is all the more important the more relevant words are present in it, and moreover, a word is all the more "key" in as many relevant phrases it is organically present.

Languages supported: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Czech, Roumanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Arabic, Persian, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi.

NelSenso.Net apps are aimed at students, teachers, copywriters, journalists, editors, editors, SEO & SEM Specialists, web marketing operators in general.