Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

General questions
The automatic summary of a text is a process that allows you to automatically transform a source text into a shorter text that contains the most semantically relevant information.
NelSenso.Net apps support the following languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Arabic, Persian, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi.
NelSenso.Net apps support documents in plain text format, through copy-paste of the content and hypertext (html) through the relative web address (URL). At the moment the NelSenso.Net tools do not support files (pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, etc.) whether they are on your computer or on the cloud (Google Documents, etc).
The NelSenso.Net tools include in their functionality settings that allow you, indicatively, to customize the percentage of the desired summary.
No but almost ;) The NelSenso.Net tools allow you to summarize or process the first 65536 characters at most. For larger documents it will be necessary to divide them into different texts of compatible dimensions.
Upon registration (requires only username, password and email) it is currently possible to use the NelSenso.Net tools for free. In the future there will be a "Professional" version, not free, with ad-hoc features for the most demanding users and developers (API).

Summazer questions
Summazer is the free app able to "squeeze" a text or a web page and extract its juice, that is the sentences with the highest information content, to generate an automatic online summary of the processed text. The nelSenso.Net tools incorporate a powerful spell checker that allows you to identify any incorrectly written words on the fly and, if necessary, correct them with a click on the suggested words.
In addition to highlighting the most important phrases, Summazer allows you to analyze, with a graph, the trend of semantic relevance within the text, in order to provide an immediate picture of the sections of the text to which you want to give greater evidence (typically a good text - especially if it is intended for the Web , should carry the salient parts at the beginning and at the end in order to immediately provide the reader with the meaning of the message you want to provide). Finally, Summazer reports an innovative indicator of the "quality" of the processed text (QoT).
If the quality (QoT) is low it may depend on the presence of spelling errors, excessive use of obsolete or foreign words, or the processed text is full of sentences that are not very related to each other from a semantic point of view (as happens, for example, if you summarize an entire web page, instead of selecting and pasting only the text that actually conveys the meaning of the article).
Abstrazer questions
Abstrazer is the free app by NelSenso.Net capable of generating an automatic "abstract" of an article or web page. Unlike Summazer, Abstrazer directly generates an excerpt with only the most semantically relevant phrases connected by suspension points (omissis), which can subsequently be appropriately filled.
IRezer questions
IRezer is the app that allows automatic extraction of keywords (tags / hashtags) and the most salient phrases of a text or web page. The app returns tables of the most important keywords and phrases with their relevance score. The tool can sort the results by semantic relevance or by reading order.
Clustezer questions
Clustezer is a tool that allows the automatic classification of the key phrases of a text or web page into self-determined cluster topics.
Accounts questions
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