Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the automatic summary of a text?
    The automatic summary of a text is a process that allows to automatically transform a source text into a shorter text containing the most semantically relevant information.
  2. What is Summazer?
    Summazer is an app that automatically highlights the most relevant phrases of a multilingual text. Discover all the features of our online solution.
  3. How many languages ​​does Summazer support?
    18 languages ​​supported: NelSenso.Net apps support the following languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Arabic, Persian, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi .
  4. Can I use Summazer for free?
    Upon registration, you can try our tools for free: Summazer, IRezer, Clustezer.
  5. What kind of documents can the software support and summarize?
    • a copy-paste text (plain text);
    • a web page, via its address (URL)
  6. Can I specify the size of the summary?
    Summazer includes in its features settings that allow you to customize your summary according to the percentage of text you want to do without.
  7. Is the size of the document limited?
    The size of the document to be summarized is limited to 65536 characters.
  8. What is IRezer?
    IRezer is the app that allows the automatic extraction of keywords (tags / hashtags) and the most salient phrases of a text or web page. The application sorts the results (rising phrases and keywords) by order of relevance or by reading order.
  9. What is Clustezer?
    Clustezer is a tool that allows the automatic classification of the key phrases of a text or web page into self-determined cluster topics.
  10. How can I change the access password?
    To change the password access your user profile, using the link that will appear at the bottom of page once logon completed.
  11. How can I delete all my login details?
    To delete all your login details, access your user profile via the link at the bottom of page once the logon is complete. At the bottom of the page you can delete your account on NelSenso.Net

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