Abstract Generator: Abstrazer

Free AI abstract generator for your paper or essay. Enter your (long) text and get the abstract in seconds. It supports English, German, Italiano and many other languages.


ABSTRAZER v-4.1.20230630


🔝 AI Powered Sums up text with Top AI
📌 Locations Detection of the most relevant geographical areas and towns in the text
💪 Long texts NelSenso.Net apps support text up to 32000 characters long.
🌐 Multilingual 25 Supported Languages
🌄 Pictures Find the photos most relevant to your article or paper
💲 Price 100% Free
🔒 Privacy All the processed texts is not stored or shared with anyone. We value your privacy.
📈 Relevance trends Graphically discover the most salient points of a text
💗 Sentiment Tone analysis of opinions
📝 Spell checker online powerfull spell checker
📐 Summary length Select your preferred summary length


Abstrazer is the free app to generate an automatic abstract of an article, essay or web page. Abstrazer generates an extract with the most semantically relevant sentences.



09/23 17

Summazer automatically detects the main subject matter of the processed text, improving the quality of the extracted summary (English only).

06/23 18

Bengali language support released

Jun/23 6

NelSenso Apps: deployed the support for languages: Turkish and Dutch ;)

Jan/23 6

The NelSenso.Net apps now also support the Japanese language! こんにちは世界!

05/23 27

The NelSenso.Net apps now also support the Indonesian language!

04/23 25

Summazer automatically formats processed texts into hiper-texts with automatic detection of bulleted and numbered lists.

Sep/23 4

Summazer now also support the Classical Latin language!

03/23 26

Released the first version of Titletizer, the AI app for the automatic generation of article, text and web page titles (SEO Tool)

02/23 28

The morphological and grammatical analysis algorithms of Summazer and Abstrazer were improved with the addition of the accuracy index of the extrapolated sentences; relevant but more accurate sentences are highlighted in bold.

01/23 28

Summazer highlights the list of the most relevant locations in the elaborated text

12/22 18

The NelSenso.Net apps now also support the Brasilian language (pt-BR)!

12/22 15

Sentiment Analysis is available in the [Sentiment] tab of Summazer!

Nov/22 10

Chinese version released (Simplified Chinese), from today you can also summarise in 简体中文 ! ;)

May/22 4

Released NelSenso.Net App support for Hindi language ( हिन्दी )

02/22 20

NelSenso.Net apps now support the Greek language (Ελληνικά)!

May/22 1

NelSenso.Net apps now support the American language (en-US)!

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