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NelSenso.Net is a collection of text-mining apps very useful for reading, writing and studying more quickly through artificial intelligence algorithms and "text mining", that is the set of techniques that allow the automatic extraction of information starting from a corpus of textual documents or web pages (hypertext). At an elementary level, these tools help to quickly obtain an overview of the content of a text or set of texts, or to extract the main keywords (keywords) and most salient phrases (keyphrases).
NelSenso.Net tools are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms (K-means text clustering).

Languages supported: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Czech, Roumanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Arabic.

NelSenso.Net apps are aimed at students, teachers, copywriters, journalists, editors, editors, SEO & SEM Specialists, web marketing operators in general.


Summazer App Summazer Summazer is the free app for summarising a text or a web page by highlighting the sentences with the highest information content. "Summazering" a text is very simple: just enter or paste the text or the address of the page, select the language (in addition to English it supports texts in: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic and many other languages) and the desired synthesis percentage. Summazer also performs spell-checking, grammar and morphological analysis to obtain - highlighted - the most important sentences, where the size of the characters is proportional to their semantic relevance.



Abstrazer App Abstrazer Abstrazer is the free app to generate an automatic abstract of an article or web page. To obtain the abstract of an article or a thesis, simply enter/paste the text of the article or the address of the web page where it is published and select the language (in addition to English, it supports texts and websites in: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic and many other languages). You will immediately get an extract of the processed text with the most semantically relevant sentences.



IRezer App IRezer the web application for the automatic extraction of the keywords (tags) and the most salient sentences contained in a plain-text or web page. To extract keywords and keyphrases from a text/hipertext, therefore, enter the text or the page URL, select the language (supports texts and websites in: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic and many other languages) and the desired granularity. You will immediately get the tables of keywords and the most important phrases with its saliency score. It can order the results by saliency score or reading order.



Clustezer App Clustezer is the app that allows the automatic extraction of the main topics of a text or web page through the automatic classification of the keyphrases contained in the text. To obtain the summary of topics, enter the text or the address of the page to be processed, select the language (supports texts and websites in: Italian, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and many other languages) and the number of expected topics (clusters). You will get the summary of the topics with the relative sets of related phrases found in the processed text.


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The main reviews and quotes on tools, both in print and online:


The NelSenso.Net website, created by the Italian engineer Paolo Cavone, contains a useful collection of text mining tools , tools that, like others we refer to, apply to digital text processing and web pages. The recipients of this production are those who, in handling digital information, need to have a profound control of the structure, meanings and messages contained in it. web marketing specialists or media agencies , for example, have this need, when continually confronted with the flood of text that comes from RSS, from sites. social networking , from news sites, from the publication of user-generated content and from many other digital content sources.
NelSenso.Net applications are accessible directly on the website, can be used free of charge and allow texts in a large number of languages, including Italian. We point out among these IRezer, one of the most powerful NelSenso.Net tools. which makes Information Retrieval (IR) , identifying and extracting the most semantically relevant elements from a text on file or on the Web. The tool is of type Saas , free and it works very simply; the input document and the results are found on the same web page. Once the language and the desired "granularity" of the results have been set, launching IRezer obtains the series of "keyphrases" and "keywords", with their saliency score, ordered by semantic relevance (or reading order, ed) to the document.

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On the web there are numerous resources that implement classic Information Retrieval algorithms that are functionally related to those used by Google. These tools can be used (by SEOs, ed) as support tools to check what the search engine could extract from the pages.
For summarization algorithms, capable of returning the most relevant phrases of the text (used by search engines to generate snippets in SERPs, see Summazer .
For the Clustering algorithms, able to classify phrases or text strings in different self-determined categories, consult Clustezer .
For the most statistically relevant keyword extraction algorithms and keyphrases consult IRezer.

SEO strategy. Knowledge, techniques and tools to be visible on Google and Social Media - by Lorenzo Toscano - Editrice UNI Service, 2009 (Italy) - Language: Italian

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