Feb/24 18

New! Summazer not only highlights the most semantically relevant sentences, but also displays in bold those that are fundamental and underlines those that characterise the context or knowledge domain

Dec/23 17

New! Summazer now automatically detects the rule of five "W": Who, What, Where, When, Why

Oct/23 26

Clustezer, the online text-clustering app, now also supports Oriental languages: Arabic, Chinese, etc.

Sep/23 17

Summazer automatically detects the main subject matter of the processed text, improving the quality of the extracted summary.

Jun/23 18

Bengali language support released

Jun/23 6

NelSenso Apps: deployed the support for languages: Turkish and Dutch ;)

Jun/23 1

The NelSenso.Net apps now also support the Japanese language! こんにちは世界!

May/23 27

The NelSenso.Net apps now also support the Indonesian language!

Apr/23 25

Summazer automatically formats processed texts into hiper-texts with automatic detection of bulleted and numbered lists.

Apr/23 9

Summazer now also support the Classical Latin language!


AI & Text Mining Tools


NelSenso.Net is a collection of text-mining apps very useful for reading, writing and studying more quickly through artificial intelligence algorithms and "text mining", that is the set of techniques that allow the automatic extraction of information starting from a corpus of textual documents or web pages (hypertext). At an elementary level, these tools help to quickly obtain an overview of the content of a text or set of texts, or to extract the main keywords (keywords) and most salient phrases (keyphrases).
NelSenso.Net tools are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms (K-means text clustering).

Languages supported: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Czech, Roumanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Arabic, Chinese.

NelSenso.Net apps are aimed at students, teachers, copywriters, journalists, editors, editors, SEO & SEM Specialists, web marketing operators in general.



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💪 Long texts NelSenso.Net apps support text up to 32000 characters long.
🌐 Multilingual 25 Supported Languages
💲 Price 100% Free
🔒 Privacy All the processed texts is not stored or shared with anyone. We value your privacy.