IRezer v-5.0.20240601


🔝 AI Powered Sums up text with Top AI
💪 Long texts NelSenso.Net apps support text up to 32000 characters long.
🌐 Multilingual 25 Supported Languages
🌄 Pictures Find the photos most relevant to your article or paper
💲 Price 100% Free
🔒 Privacy All the processed texts is not stored or shared with anyone. We value your privacy.
📈 Relevance trends Graphically discover the most salient points of a text
📝 Spell checker online powerfull spell checker


IRezer is the app that allows automatic extraction of keywords (tags / hashtags) and the most salient phrases of a text or web page. The app returns tables of the most important keywords and concepts with their relevance score. The tool can sort the results by semantic relevance or by reading order.



Jan/24 6

Version 5.0 of the NelSenso.Net apps has been released with numerous improvements in the AI ​​algorithms (entities detection and automatic morphological-grammatical analysis)

02/24 18

New! Summazer not only highlights the most semantically relevant sentences, but also displays in bold those that are fundamental and underlines those that characterise the context or knowledge domain

12/23 17

New! Summazer now automatically detects the rule of five "W": Who, What, Where, When, Why

10/23 26

Clustezer, the online text-clustering app, now also supports Oriental languages: Arabic, Chinese, etc.

09/23 17

Summazer automatically detects the main subject matter of the processed text, improving the quality of the extracted summary.

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