IRezer: keywords online


IRezer v-2.8.7



IRezer is the app that allows automatic extraction of keywords (tags / hashtags) and the most salient phrases of a text or web page. The app returns tables of the most important keywords and phrases with their relevance score. The tool can sort the results by semantic relevance or by reading order.


Jan/23 28

Summazer highlights the list of the most relevant locations in the elaborated text

Dec/22 18

The NelSenso.Net apps now also support the Brasilian language (pt-BR)!

Dec/22 15

Sentiment Analysis is available in the [Sentiment] tab of Summazer!

Oct/22 11

Chinese version released (Simplified Chinese), from today you can also summarise in 简体中文 ! ;)

Apr/22 5

Released NelSenso.Net App support for Hindi language ( हिन्दी )

Feb/22 20

NelSenso.Net apps now support the Greek language (Ελληνικά)!

Jan/22 5

NelSenso.Net apps now support the American language (en-US)!