About NelSenso.Net

NelSenso.Net is a lab of innovative experiments in automatic texts processing (NLP). It was born in 2006 from an idea of ​​Paolo Cavone, Software Engineer.
The web tools available on Nelsenso.Net are addressed and used in the following areas:
  • Didactics:
    With Summazer, students can be facilitated in obtaining the summary of notes taken in class, lessons or from web pages (online encyclopedias and websites in general). Teachers can identify the most important ideas and sections of their texts, in the preparation phase of classroom or remote lessons (distance learning).
  • SEO & SEM:
    With Summazer and even more so with Irezer and Clustezer the SEO / SEM Specialists will be able to effectively analyze and identify the keywords to be optimized on the pages of a website for the purpose of optimal indexing on search engines.
  • Publishing:
    Journalists and copywriters will benefit from the tools provided by Nelsenso.Net to produce effective articles and posts that best highlight the salient facts for current affairs. With summazer the editors go to the essentials of the articles of a press review, in order to efficiently identify their theses and their criticisms. Readers will generally save time by summarizing articles and hypertexts on the fly for quick and relevant information. Writers, publishers and documentary makers can easily obtain abstracts or abstracts of book chapters for their publications or book presentations.
  • Museums and Research Institutions:
    With the NelSenso web tools you can quickly obtain presentation summaries of your artists and their works and identify the most important passages in the related longer texts, for detailed analysis.