Summazer: online summaries

Summazer IconSummazer is the free app capable of "squeezing" a text or a web page and extracting its juice, that is the sentences with the highest information content, to generate an automatic online summary of the processed text. Therefore to summarize a text, enter the text or the address of the page to be summarized, select the language (in addition to Italian it supports texts and sites in: English, German, Spanish and many other languages) and the desired summary percentage. After the possible spelling check, the most important sentences are highlighted where the size of the characters is proportional to their relevance.
The Summazer report also shows: the graph of the semantic relevance trend, an indicator (QoT) of the quality of the processed text and the main hashtags that can be deduced from the text.
If the quality (QoT) is low it may depend on the presence of spelling errors, an excessive use of obsolete / foreign words or the processed text is full of sentences that are not very related to each other from a semantic point of view (as happens, for example, for example, if you summarize an entire web page instead of selecting only the text that actually conveys the meaning of the article).

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