Summazer: AI summary generator


SUMMAZER v-2.8.7





🌐 Multilingual: 20 Supported Languages
💗 Sentiment: Tone analysis of opinions
💲 Price: 100% Free
📈 Saliency distribution: Graphically discover the most salient points of a text
📌 Locations: Detection of the most relevant locations in the processed text
📝 Summary lenght variable: Select your preferred summary lenght
🔝 AI Powered: Sums up text with Top AI
🗚 Spell checker: online powerfull spell checker


Jan/23 28

Summazer highlights the list of the most relevant locations in the elaborated text

Dec/22 18

The NelSenso.Net apps now also support the Brasilian language (pt-BR)!

Dec/22 15

Sentiment Analysis is available in the [Sentiment] tab of Summazer!

Oct/22 11

Chinese version released (Simplified Chinese), from today you can also summarise in 简体中文 ! ;)

Apr/22 5

Released NelSenso.Net App support for Hindi language ( हिन्दी )

Feb/22 20

NelSenso.Net apps now support the Greek language (Ελληνικά)!

Jan/22 5

NelSenso.Net apps now support the American language (en-US)!